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Dear Friend-

You’d have to have been living in a cave not to have noticed that the world is changing. And that can be very scary, if you don’t know what it means for you personally or what is coming next.

I have personally devoted several decades of my life to learning to truly understand and make an accurate practice of Astrology in order to help to answer this exact concern. You see, I have always felt this time coming. And I also came from a very unconventional background where I started learning Astrology from my Step-Mother when I was 9 years old.

I had more personal motivations for learning to understand people and the timing that governs our lives - my father was married 4 times and my early childhood was very chaotic. I wanted answers. And I got some answers from conventional Astrology - a few.

But there were big gaping holes in it and events that it couldn’t explain. Intuitively I was able to fill in many of these holes by using my natural psychic gifts. This was how I made a living for many years. But eventually I found and learned about the missing pieces of Astrology that allowed me to fill in the holes and bring a truly useful guide to timing into the world.

You see, psychic information is notorious for bad timing, and Astrology is all about timing. The combination of the two has allowed me to ‘put a clock’ on events as it were.  In this way, I have helped countless clients take advantage of the best possible timing for starting important things in their lives, and also helped them to navigate the inevitable challenges that life often hands to us.

I have written many Horoscope columns for various papers and magazines, but most of this information was more fun than useful. I love doing it, and have a good time writing these pieces, but I wanted to offer something to YOU the reader that you can really use and which will give you ALL the information available for wise and successful timing in your life.

This is why I developed the Subscription Horoscope. This has allowed me to create deeper and more relevant messages for people such as you, who may not be in the position to get a full reading, but still want to have access to good timing information. This timing is general - for everyone, but it is still accurate and will work for you.

This is how it works: There are good Astrological days and bad Astrological days in the world at large. But there are also good and bad days for you personally - based on your own personal transits. No matter what anyone tells you - it ALWAYS takes a professional reading to fully understand your personal transits. No software program has yet been created that can accurately see and really explain what is going in for one individual. Part of the reason for this is that regular Astrology only looks at ONE of the 4 dimensions that effect you every day. I look at ALL FOUR dimensions - at ALL TIMES!!!

ALL Horoscopes are based on general timing. But this is still very important. A good day, is a good day, even if it isn’t spectacular for you. Things started on a good day are likely to last and be successful in the world - even if they may be a bit stressful for you personally. If you start something on a bad day - it is likely to fail. And even if you have spectacular transits that day, you may get something good out of it, but it won’t be a big success in the world or may not last a long time.

Some days are good for meeting people, getting married, starting a business, planning a seduction - you name it. Other days are bad - and there are some aspects that are so bad that you don’t want to start a relationship under those stars under any circumstances. These turn into the worst kind of relationships.

Jennie was dating a guy named Andy, but it wasn’t going well. She decided to come to me for a session. I took one look at Andy’s chart and told her that this was a SUPER sexual guy - the kind of guy who wants sex in the morning, sex in the afternoon and sex 3 times at night. Her complaint about him was that she didn’t see him enough and he wouldn’t make a commitment.

She did know the date when they first met. Looking at that date allowed me to see the ‘Life‘ of the relationship and how it would unfold. Unfortunately for her, there were no soul-mate aspects at all on that date, but quite a few sexual ones, as well as some friendship. I explained all of this to her. And soon afterwards she decided to take a break from dating him. Not long after that she heard from friends that he had been sleeping around all during their relationship. She was very relieved to have gotten out when she did.

Here’s some recent proof of how ‘on the pulse’ our Newsletter really is:

If you listen to the Weekly Audio that I posted for this exact week then you will hear me talk about the probability of stock scandal or other financial scam during the week in question:

On another occasion a married couple came to me because they were considering selling their house. This was in Topanga California at the height of the Real Estate Market. The first thing I told them was that I was very happy to hear that they were selling, because the market was going to drop and crash in the next 2 or 3 years (which I already had been predicting for a long time in my columns). Then I found them a good date to list it when they were likely to get their asking price for the property.

It took a few months for them to sell at the full top-of-the-market asking price, but they did sell it for 4.7 Million dollars. 2 years later, they were beyond happy that they had sold when they did. After the Real Estate Market crashed in 2009 comparable properties were selling for between 2.5 and 3 million dollars. I’d say they did pretty well on that deal!    

I developed this Subscription Horoscope in order to give everyone access to information that can help you to succeed. I even created two levels of membership so that it is completely affordable. But I DO recommend you join as a Gold Member. That additional information is definitely worth it’s weight in Gold, and I want everyone out there to take full advantage of all of it.

Here’s what a few satisfied customers have to say...


"Wow, the clarity you always give me is priceless."-LH, San Francisco



"Thank You again for sharing all your wisdom - specially at such a defining moment in my life, Much Love, Christianne Lynne, Pasadena CA

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Aura Galadriel Wright

PS - This is the SAME information that I used to forecast the loves (and heartbreaks) of celebrities on National TV. It is the SAME information that allowed me to predict a huge loss of life the week of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, the Success of the iPhone, and so much more.



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Accurate because I use the 4 full dimensions instead of just

ONE like normal Astrology

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