Collection: Earrings

The Earrings Collection at Astrology Chick is a curated ensemble that beautifully marries the celestial with the terrestrial, crafting a synergy of ethereal beauty and grounded elegance. Each piece in this collection is a testament to the feminine mystique, inspired by elements of nature and the cosmos, resonating with the primal energies and life force that our universe is built upon

The collection is composed of creations by various artisans, each bringing a unique aesthetic and meaning to their designs. From the luminous moonstone set in an ancient sun motif to the powerful snake totem earrings symbolizing life force and primal energy, each piece is designed to inspire and nurture your individuality.

Handcrafted pieces, like the Rainbow Moonstone Hoops, are crafted with care, making each pair unique. Similarly, the Hammer Pattern Sculpted Angel Wings Earrings, made in Montana, embody realism through their carefully crafted design.

For those who appreciate the magic of the celestial, we offer an array of star-inspired pieces. The Shine, Glow, Pia, and Alma earrings all feature star motifs, some covered in rhinestones that add a touch of sparkle to your style. The Sirius Amethyst Star Stud Earrings are especially noteworthy, with their gemstone variety making them an ideal gift for special occasions.

The collection also caters to those who prefer a dash of whimsy in their style, with offerings like the Black Glittery Acrylic Cat Earrings and Italian Tarot Card Earrings that feature traditional tarot designs.

The Earrings Collection at Astrology Chick is a harmonious blend of cosmic inspiration and earthly beauty, offering accessories and expressions of individual style and personal journey.