Collection: Socks

Step into the mystical and vibrant world of the Astrology Chick with our eclectic collection of socks. Each pair is not just a clothing item but a story woven into the fabric of comfort and style.

Our range includes the enchanting 'Fairy Gloves Sock,' designed to spark growth in your garden and let you communicate with the fairies. A word of caution, though - their sweet bell-shaped flowers may be pretty, but they're poisonous.

For the ones who appreciate a hint of magic in their attire, the 'Belladonna Sock' from our Witches Garden collection is a perfect choice. The pair, also known as Deadly Nightshade, weaves in the charm of love potions and induces a trance-like state of adoration, working magic for your style and aura​.

For those with their head in the clouds and feet on the ground, the 'Sky Signs Sock' is a show-stopper. Inspired by vintage nautical maps, all signs point to this dress sock as your next must-have accessory.

Experience the mystic allure of the 'Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Sock,' also part of our Witches Garden collection. It's designed to help you connect with the spirit world and unlock new mystical possibilities, all while showcasing your unique style​.

Our 'Buddhist Blessing Sock' is inspired by Buddhist imagery, featuring a Mandala, A Hamsa Hand of Fatima, and lotus flowers. It's a comfortable novelty crew sock with a bandless design that offers a unique blend of spirituality and comfort.

Last, let the 'Sheer Zodiac Sock' light up your ensemble. The stars have already decided - this luxurious pair, complete with sparkly nylon threads, is set to make a stunning addition to your collection​.

So step into our world, and let your feet do the talking. Every pair in our collection is designed in NYC, offering a unique blend of design, comfort, and mysticism. It's not just about wearing socks; it's about wearing your story.