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Cancer Crystal Set by Crystalline Tribe

Cancer Crystal Set by Crystalline Tribe

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Fulfilled by our friends at Crystalline Tribe


June 21- July 22

Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Healing Colors: Silver, Mauve, Gray.

"I am safe and protected, I am filled with self-confidence allowing myself to love and accept others unconditionally"

Cancerians are well known for their nurturing and caring abilities. They are the lovers of the zodiac! They are driven by their intuition and feelings. When they are tapped into their intuition it creates a navigation system for their life and decision making. They are intelligent, practical yet sensitive.  When they're emotionally secure, there is no one more giving and caring than a Cancerian.  

Moonstone: Helps amplify intuition, and self-expression so you are able to openly express your feelings

Carnelian: Stimulates energy, creativity, and courage to assist you to be in the present moment. It will connect you with your personal power. The ancient Egyptians wore carnelian as amulets to protect the wearer from evil and to prevent anger. 

Rose Quartz: This stone carries a loving vibration that will amplify compassion and tenderness. 

Citrine: Citrine helps you keep your boundaries and 

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