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Cordelia Posts by Ash & Rose

Cordelia Posts by Ash & Rose

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🌌 Cordelia Posts by Ash & Rose 🌊

Adorn yourself with the luminous beauty of the universe with the Cordelia Posts by Ash & Rose, a creation for the bohemian soul who resonates with the celestial bodies and the rhythms of nature.

Inspired by the ethereal charm of aquamarine, each pair of these Cordelia Posts is a manifestation of cosmic allure and earthly tranquilityβ€” a perfect accessory for those who revel in the universe's magic and aspire to infuse the mysteries of the cosmos into their everyday existence.

  • Sterling Silver and Check-Cut Aquamarine: Exquisitely handcrafted with sterling silver and adorned with check-cut aquamarine gemstones, these earrings reflect the beauty of the cosmos and the serenity of the sea, enhancing your spiritual connection with the natural world.
  • Handmade in India with Fair Labor Practices: Ethically sourced and crafted with love, each purchase supports sustainable practices and contributes to a fairer global economyβ€” a perfect blend of style and social consciousness.
  • One-of-a-Kind Design: Each pair is unique, just like the constellations in the night sky, radiating individuality and personal charm. The colors may vary slightly, representing the diverse beauty of the universe and the ever-changing tides of the ocean.

Whether you're aligning your chakras, studying the stars, or simply expressing your unique style, the Cordelia Posts by Ash & Rose are a beautiful addition to your daily rituals. These earrings not only enhance your natural beauty but also resonate with your spiritual journey, making them an ideal gift for the mystically inclined, astrology-loving, nature-embracing individuals in your life.

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