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Gilded | sunburst dome ring by Terra Luna Sol

Gilded | sunburst dome ring by Terra Luna Sol

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Crystal color
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Gilded | Sunburst Dome Ring by Terra Luna Sol πŸŒžπŸ’«

Embrace the divine celestial energy with the Gilded | Sunburst Dome Ring by Terra Luna Sol, specially crafted for the bohemian goddess who feels a deep connection with the mystical universe and Mother Earth.

The Gilded | Sunburst Dome Ring is not just a piece of jewelryβ€”it's a potent symbol of inner radiance, spiritual wealth, and personal power. It's for the woman who dances barefoot under the moonlight, who whispers her wishes to shooting stars, and who finds her strength in the sun's golden glow.

  • Gold Plating: The ring is adorned with durable gold plating over brass, embodying the life-giving energy of the sun and the enduring strength of the earth.
  • Choice of CZ Stones: Choose between clear or green CZ stones, each representing the sunbursts of your inner goddess, reflecting your unique connection with the cosmos and the natural world.
  • Adjustable Band: The adjustable band, best fitting sizes 5-8.5, is designed to comfortably fit your finger, just like the universe's divine plan that adjusts and aligns to accommodate our unique paths.

Whether you're an astrologist, a spiritualist, or simply a lover of unique, mystical fashion, the Gilded | Sunburst Dome Ring is a perfect addition to your collection. It serves as a daily reminder of your celestial connection and the enchanting power you hold within. It's also an ideal gift for the mystical goddess in your life, a token of love as infinite as the universe itself.

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