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Grief Candle / Intention Candle / Essential Oil

Grief Candle / Intention Candle / Essential Oil

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πŸŒ™Grief Candle / Intention Candle / Essential Oil🌟

Embrace the soothing touch of celestial calm and earthly balance with our Grief Candle / Intention Candle / Essential Oil, crafted for the independent soul who finds tranquility in the cosmos and harmony in nature.

Our Grief Candle / Intention Candle / Essential Oil is a cosmic symphony of celestial serenity and earthly stability, designed for the spiritually attuned individual. It's an embodiment of the universe's mystical charm and nature's healing energy, perfect for those who cherish the cosmos' synchronicities and wish to incorporate the universe's enchanting attractions into their daily lives.

  • Hand Poured Soy Wax: Each candle is meticulously hand poured with soy wax, embedding the soothing energy of the earth into every flicker of flame.
  • Organic Essential Oils: Infused with organic essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, rose absolut and patchouli, this candle harnesses the calming and healing properties of nature, resonating with the nurturing vibrations of Mother Earth.
  • Charged Amethyst: Each candle is topped with a handpicked, charged piece of amethyst, a crystal known for its potent healing energy, making your candle a protective beacon during times of grief and emotional distress.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: We are a zero waste company, upcycling our packaging whenever possible. Our products are organic, cruelty-free and devoid of synthetic dyes or fragrances, ensuring that our love for you and the planet is reflected in every step of our process.

Our Grief Candle / Intention Candle / Essential Oil is not just a product, but an extension of a lifestyle deeply intertwined with the mysteries of the cosmos and the peace of nature. It fits seamlessly into your daily routine, bringing a touch of cosmic tranquility to your meditation sessions or quiet prayers. It also serves as a meaningful gift for a loved one who appreciates the harmonious blend of spirituality, astrology, and individuality.

Please note, this product has not been approved by the FDA, though the individual ingredients have. It is not intended to replace the advice of a physician, nor is it intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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