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Love Spell / Intention Candle/ Ritual Candle / Love and Light / Rose

Love Spell / Intention Candle/ Ritual Candle / Love and Light / Rose

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🌹 Love Spell / Intention Candle / Ritual Candle / Love and Light / Rose πŸ•―οΈ

Embrace the celestial allure of our Love Spell / Intention Candle, a mystical delight created for the bohemian spirit who walks hand-in-hand with the cosmos and Mother Earth.

This enchanting candle embodies the divine fusion of celestial magic with the grounding energy of earthly elements, making it a perfect companion for those who revel in the universe's whimsical serendipities and yearn to attract the wonders of love and light into their daily existence.

  • Infused with Organic Essential Oils: Each candle is imbued with organic essential oils that resonate with the frequencies of love and harmony, inviting positivity and healing into your relationships and personal aura.
  • Hand-Poured Soy Wax: Our commitment to sustainability and natural harmony shines through our use of 100% pure, hand-poured soy wax. It burns cleaner, lasts longer, and pays homage to our sacred Earth.
  • Charged Rose Quartz Crystal: As a true symbol of the heart chakra, each candle is adorned with a handpicked rose quartz crystal that has been energetically charged to radiate loving vibes into your space.

Whether it's during a moment of quiet introspection, a meditative yoga practice, or a casual evening with a beloved book, lighting our Love Spell / Intention Candle seamlessly integrates into your daily rituals, infusing them with a sense of peace and love. It also makes a thoughtful gift for the spiritual seekers, astrology enthusiasts, or bohemian fashionistas in your life who believe in the harmonious dance between the cosmos and the natural world.

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