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Moon Phase Silver Cuff Bracelet

Moon Phase Silver Cuff Bracelet

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🌙✨Moon Phase Silver Cuff Bracelet✨🌙

Step into the magic of the cosmos with our Moon Phase Silver Cuff Bracelet, designed for the free spirit in tune with the stars and the earth.

Each Moon Phase Silver Cuff Bracelet is a celebration of celestial wonder, blended with the grounding energy of nature—ideal for those who find joy in the universe's serendipities and seek to draw the wonders of attraction into everyday life.

  • Distinctive Design: Showcasing 9 phases of the moon, this bracelet serves as a constant reminder of the beautiful cycles of nature and the cosmos, aligning with the mystical rhythms of the universe.
  • Superior Materials: Crafted from rhodium-plated brass and glass, our bracelet not only exhibits style but also sustainability and longevity, reflecting your respect for Mother Earth and her natural gifts.
  • Flexible Size: Featuring an adjustable size, this bracelet ensures a perfect fit for everyone, making it a thoughtful and personalized gift for anyone passionate about astrology, science, or new age fashion.

Our Moon Phase Silver Cuff Bracelet is not merely an accessory—it's a testament to your bond with the universe and nature. Whether you're meditating under the moonlight, stargazing, or simply going about your day, this bracelet serves as a beautiful reminder of the cosmic and natural harmony that surrounds us.

Size & Materials

Materials: Rhodium plated brass, glass
Bracelet Size: Adjustable
Image Sizes: 0.3” / 8mm each

Care & Info

To ensure the longevity of your bracelet and to prevent the metal from weakening over time, we recommend watching our video on how to put on and take off our adjustable cuff bracelets. Please note, these are individually handcrafted, and the piece you receive may slightly vary from the pictured item. They are not 100% waterproof, so please avoid getting them wet.

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