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Mushroom Glass - 8oz

Mushroom Glass - 8oz

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🍄 Mushroom Glass - 8oz 🌟

Embrace the enchantment of the cosmos with our Mushroom Glass - 8oz, masterfully crafted for the bohemian soul in harmony with the stars and Mother Earth.

Each Mushroom Glass is an embodiment of cosmic wonder, merged with the grounding energy of the earthly realm—perfect for those who find delight in the universe's synchronicities and aspire to integrate the magic of the cosmos into their daily rituals.

  • Holds 9 oz: Perfectly sized to hold your morning iced coffee or a fun cocktail, creating a mystical atmosphere that aligns with your celestial energy.
  • Hand blown glass: Each glass boasts a unique, handcrafted design, reflecting the individuality of each star in the cosmic field, and resonating with your unique, spiritual journey.
  • Delicate Hand Wash Only: The care and preservation of this glass echo the mindfulness we practice in our spiritual and metaphysical journey. It encourages patience, gentleness, and a deep connection with the objects that enrich our lives.

Our Mushroom Glass - 8oz seamlessly merges into your spiritual lifestyle as a constant companion during your morning rituals, meditative practices, or cozy night in. It's also an ideal gift for the astrology-enthusiast in your life. Every sip taken from this celestial-themed glass is a reminder of your bond with the cosmos and the natural world around you. Crafted with love and intention, it's more than just a glass—it's a vessel for your cosmic journey.

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