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7 Chakras Color Laser Engraved Selenite Bar

7 Chakras Color Laser Engraved Selenite Bar

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🌈✨7 Chakras Color Laser Engraved Selenite Bar✨🌈

Experience the radiant energy of the universe with our 7 Chakras Color Laser Engraved Selenite Bar, specially crafted for the bohemian soul who finds harmony in the celestial and the terrestrial.

Each 7 Chakras Color Laser Engraved Selenite Bar is an emblem of cosmic synchronicity, intertwined with the grounding forces of Mother Earthβ€”perfect for those who delight in the universe's serendipities and aspire to infuse the magic of the cosmos into their daily life.

  • Selenite Stone: Known for its cleansing and recharging properties, this stone is an ideal companion for your monthly crystal recharging ritual, effortlessly bridging the mystic and the practical.
  • Laser Engraved Chakra Symbols: Each symbol is colorfully represented, aligning with the corresponding chakra color, serving as a vivid guide for your spiritual journey and enhancing your connection to the natural world.
  • Made in Morocco: This product carries with it the vibrant energy of Morocco, a land steeply immersed in mysticism and spirituality, adding an authentic touch to your spiritual practice.

Incorporate the 7 Chakras Color Laser Engraved Selenite Bar into your spiritual practice to enhance your connection with the cosmos. Whether you are starting your day with a mindful meditation or ending it with a peaceful yoga session, let this Selenite Bar guide your energy flow across the chakras. This celestial tool is not just a must-have for your spiritual journey, but also a thoughtful gift for that special someone who shares your fascination with the mystical universe.

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