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NEW Selenite Moon Bowls

NEW Selenite Moon Bowls

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πŸŒ™βœ¨ NEW Selenite Moon Bowls βœ¨πŸŒ™

Immerse yourself in the mystic charm of the universe with our NEW Selenite Moon Bowls, specially curated for the bohemian soul who dances to the rhythm of the cosmos and the earth.

Each Selenite Moon Bowl is a radiant symbol of lunar energy and earthly stabilityβ€” a cherished treasure for those who find joy in the cosmic dance of the universe, and yearn to infuse the allure of celestial attraction into their daily life.

  • Moon-Inspired Design: The unique shape of these bowls, reminiscent of a crescent moon, serves as a reminder of the celestial bodies above us, inspiring a deeper connection with the universe and our spiritual selves.
  • Handmade in Morocco: Each bowl is beautifully and sustainably handcrafted by Moroccan artisans, ensuring a unique piece that resonates with the authenticity and soul of bohemian fashion.
  • Crystals and Jewelry Recharging: Selenite is renowned for its cleansing and recharging properties. Perfect for rejuvenating your crystals, jewelry, and small trinkets, enhancing their energy resonances.

Imagine starting your day by reaching into a Selenite Moon Bowl holding your favorite crystal or jewelry piece, fully recharged and radiating with vibrant energy. Or gifting this symbolic, handcrafted bowl to a dear friend, sharing a piece of the cosmos and earth's grounding energy. Our NEW Selenite Moon Bowls are not just a product, but an experience, a journey into the heart of the universe right from your personal sacred space.

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