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Polished Selenite Bar

Polished Selenite Bar

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✨Polished Selenite Bar🌙

Begin a cosmic journey with our Polished Selenite Bar, a mystical gem created for the bohemian soul that dances among stars and resonates with the harmony of Earth.

Each Polished Selenite Bar is a celestial beacon of natural serenity and spiritual connection—perfect for those who bask in the universe's mysteries and desire to weave cosmic magic into their daily lives.

  • Charging and Cleansing: Let our Polished Selenite Bar recharge and purify your other crystals. Simply place them atop this celestial bar for at least 6 hours, allowing the ethereal energy of selenite to cleanse and rejuvenate.
  • Sacred Space Purifier: Incorporate the Polished Selenite Bar into your sacred space or use it as a trendy addition to your nightstand or desk. This selenite bar helps to purge negative energy, bringing tranquility and purity into your personal environment.
  • Natural Pain Relief: Experience the healing power of selenite. By placing the bar on sore muscles or a tension-ridden forehead, the selenite's energy works to alleviate discomfort within 20 minutes.

Our Polished Selenite Bar, imported directly from Morocco, is not just a spiritual tool, but a lifestyle enhancer. Whether you are a seasoned astrological enthusiast or a curious beginner, this selenite bar offers a tangible connection to celestial energies. It's an exquisite addition to your spiritual practice or the perfect unique gift for the bohemian goddess in your life. Step into the cosmic dance with the Polished Selenite Bar and let it guide you towards natural harmony.

Note: To maintain its integrity, do not submerge the selenite bar in water for prolonged periods as it may disintegrate.

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Measures: 8" x 1 1/2" x 1/2"

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