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Potion bottle necklace | Obsidian by Terra Luna Sol

Potion bottle necklace | Obsidian by Terra Luna Sol

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Potion Bottle Necklace | Obsidian by Terra Luna Sol πŸŒ™βœ¨

Unleash the divine energy within with the Potion Bottle Necklace | Obsidian by Terra Luna Sol, intricately designed for the goddess who seeks harmony with the cosmos and the earth.

Each Potion Bottle Necklace is a testament to celestial allure and earth's grounding energy. It's more than a piece of jewelryβ€”it's a spiritual tool designed for the ethereal woman who revels in the universe's serendipities and strives to incorporate the power of mystical forces into her daily life.

  • Natural Crystal Vial: Each necklace features an authentic obsidian crystal vial, symbolizing transformation, fulfillment, and cleansing. This fosters a constant connection to the earth and its energies.
  • Essential Oil Holder: The vial serves as a sacred holder for your chosen essential oils, perfumes, or moon water, allowing you to carry the healing properties of plants and the power of your intention with you throughout the day.
  • Quality and Care: The necklace comes with a high-quality 29-inch gold-plated brass chain, adjustable to 31". Each crystal is cleansed and charged prior to shipping, ensuring the piece arrives filled with positive energy.

With the Potion Bottle Necklace | Obsidian, you're not just wearing a piece of jewelryβ€”you're donning a spiritual companion that aligns with your unique journey. It serves as a constant reminder of your connection to the universe and your commitment to self-growth and transformation. This necklace is an empowering accessory for your daily rituals and a loving gift for someone special who shares your connection to the cosmos and the natural world.

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