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Pastel Rainbow Chakra Wand | Goddess Provisions

Pastel Rainbow Chakra Wand | Goddess Provisions

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🌌🌈 Pastel Rainbow Chakra Wand | Goddess Provisions 🌍✨

Step into the magic of the cosmos with our Pastel Rainbow Chakra Wand, designed for the free spirit in tune with the stars and the earth.

Our Pastel Rainbow Chakra Wand is a celestial celebration, blended with the grounding energy of nature. It is perfect for those who find joy in the universe's serendipities and seek to draw the wonders of attraction into everyday life.

  • Genuine Fused Stones: Made with a spectrum of genuine stones, each wand brings together the energies of clear quartz, amethyst, angelite, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, sunstone, and rose quartz. Experience the harmony of the cosmos in the palm of your hand.
  • Eco-friendly Packaging: Each crystal comes in a custom printed bag, ensuring a sustainable unboxing experience that aligns with your love for nature.
  • Handy Size: At approximately 3.75" long, this wand is the perfect size for carrying with you throughout your day, allowing you to maintain your connection with the celestial and natural worlds wherever you go.

Our Pastel Rainbow Chakra Wand is not just a product, but a lifestyle choice. It's an invitation to integrate the cosmic and the terrestrial into your daily and spiritual practices. Whether you're meditating under the stars or seeking balance in a bustling city, this wand is your personal conduit to the universe's boundless energy.

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