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Sacral Essence

Sacral Essence

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🌙✨Sacral Essence✨🌙

Embrace the whisper of the cosmos with our celestial Sacral Essence, crafted for the bohemian spirit pulsating with the rhythm of the stars and the earth.

Each Sacral Essence is a symphony of cosmic wonder harmonized with the grounding energy of Mother Nature—making it the perfect companion for those who revel in the universe's serendipities and yearn to manifest the magic of the cosmos into their everyday lives.

  • Sensuous Aroma: Indulge in the stimulating and subtly sweet aroma of our Sacral Essence. Like a celestial dance, its scent intertwines the mystical and the earthly, awakening your sacral chakra and igniting your spiritual connection.
  • Organic Essential Oils: Harness the power of nature with organic essential oils like bergamot, clary sage, wild orange, and ylang ylang. Each drop resonates with the ancient wisdom of the earth, nurturing your body and spirit.
  • High Vibration Infusions: Immerse yourself in the potent energy of our carefully selected high vibration infusions including Mahogany Obsidian crystal, the color orange, musical note D from a Tibetan Singing Bowl, bija mantra VAM, and empowering affirmations. These elements intertwine to enhance your spiritual connectivity and natural harmony.

Our Sacral Essence effortlessly integrates into your daily rituals and spiritual practice, acting as a bridge between you and the cosmic universe. Apply it on your skin, breathe deeply, visualize the color orange, and repeat the bija mantra VAM or the affirmations. It's more than a product—it's a vehicle to journey through the realms of self-discovery, creativity, and emotional balance. The Sacral Essence also makes a thoughtful gift, perfect for anyone on a spiritual journey or those who seek to enrich their life with a touch of celestial wonder and natural harmony.

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