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Sacred Cycles Candle Set | Goddess Provisions

Sacred Cycles Candle Set | Goddess Provisions

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πŸŒ™βœ¨ Sacred Cycles Candle Set | Goddess Provisions

Immerse yourself in the enchanting rhythm of the universe with the Sacred Cycles Candle Set | Goddess Provisions, a divine tool for the modern mystic in sync with celestial movements and earthly vibrations.

Each Sacred Cycles Candle Set is a vibrant tribute to cosmic wonder, intertwined with the revitalizing energy of Mother Earthβ€”perfect for those who bask in the universe's synchronicities and endeavor to infuse the magic of manifesting into their daily lives.

  • Elemental Guidance: Harness the power of the moon phases and seasons with candles color-coded to represent menstruation/new moon/winter (red), ovulation/full moon/summer (rose gold), follicular/waxing moon/spring (white), and luteal/waning moon/fall (pink). Align your intentions with the universe's natural cycles for heightened spiritual growth.
  • Eco-conscious Practice: Each purchase plants a tree, reinforcing your commitment to nature and sustainable spiritual practices. Plus, US shipping is free on orders $55+ and we ship worldwide.
  • Uniquely Crafted: The set includes four unscented paraffin wax candles and a unique moon phases candle holder, featuring designs by our in-house artist Jay Kay. These high-quality items are made to last, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing addition to your spiritual space.

Whether you're deepening your personal spiritual journey or searching for a thoughtful gift for a fellow celestial enthusiast, the Sacred Cycles Candle Set | Goddess Provisions is a beautiful and practical tool for manifesting dreams and navigating life's cycles. Let these candles guide you as you dance to the rhythm of the cosmos, grounding your intentions and illuminating your path towards individual and universal harmony.

Β©2022 | Goddess Provisions

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