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Sweet Pea Squeezy Wax by Energy Wicks

Sweet Pea Squeezy Wax by Energy Wicks

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🌸✨Sweet Pea Squeezy Wax by Energy Wicks✨🌸

Immerse yourself in the enchanting fusion of the cosmos and Mother Earth with Sweet Pea Squeezy Wax by Energy Wicks, crafted for the bohemian soul who dances with the stars and whispers to the wind.

Each pouch of Sweet Pea Squeezy Wax is a harmonic symphony of celestial magic and earthly wisdom—a tribute to the independent spirit who finds serenity in the whispers of the universe and strength in the arms of Gaia.

  • All-Natural Soy Wax: Handcrafted with pure soy wax, our product intertwines with the cosmic energy of the universe and the nurturing warmth of Mother Earth, providing a clean, eco-friendly burn.
  • Unique Mixed Crystal Sand: Each pouch is imbued with mixed crystal sand, infusing every scent release with the healing and cleansing properties of crystals, resonating with the spiritual vibrations of the cosmos.
  • Intense Fragrance: Our formula, a Bath and Body Works duplication, is an English garden in bloom, with notes of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets, and wild jasmine, backed by light herbal and musky undertones. This potent aroma fills any space, creating an atmosphere of spiritual tranquility and cosmic alignment.

Integrate the Sweet Pea Squeezy Wax by Energy Wicks into your daily rituals to enhance your connection to the universe and the Earth. Let the sweet, floral scent guide your meditations, inspire your yoga flow, or simply transform your living space into a sanctuary of peace and harmony. This beautiful product also makes a thoughtful gift for the astrology enthusiast or spiritual seeker in your life.

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