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Zodiac Pendant & Thin Box Chain Necklace by eklexic

Zodiac Pendant & Thin Box Chain Necklace by eklexic

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🌌 Zodiac Pendant & Thin Box Chain Necklace by eklexic 🌍

Embrace the cosmic connection within you with the Zodiac Pendant & Thin Box Chain Necklace by eklexic, handcrafted for the spiritually curious, nature-loving, and star-guided individual.

Each Zodiac Pendant & Thin Box Chain Necklace is a tangible symbol of the celestial harmony that influences our livesβ€”perfect for those who find solace in the celestial bodies, hold reverence for the natural world, and strive to weave these universal energies into their everyday existence.

  • Material: Made from Recycled Brass, this necklace is a beautiful example of how we can transform and repurpose materials, just like the ever-changing cosmos.
  • Design: The large multi-link chain and zodiac pendant bear the essence of bohemian fashion, connecting you to the free-spirited ethos of individuality and creativity.
  • Quality: Plated in 14k gold and coated to prevent tarnishing, this necklace is not only visually stunning but also promises lasting durability, much like the enduring wisdom of the stars.
  • Dimensions: The zodiac pendant has a 1.5" diameter and is 1.5mm thick, while the multi-link chain is 8mm wide and the necklace is 26" long with a 2.40" drop. These proportions make this piece an elegant statement of your unique astrological identity.
  • Handcrafted: All eklexic jewelry is Handcrafted in the USA from sustainable materials, embodying a commitment to harmony between human craft and the natural world.

Wearing the Zodiac Pendant & Thin Box Chain Necklace by eklexic is a beautiful way to express your individuality, connect with the universe, and honor the natural world. Whether you're embracing your spiritual journey or searching for a meaningful gift for a loved one, this necklace serves as a daily reminder of the celestial magic that guides us all.

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