About Astrology Chick

Step through the looking glass and rediscover yourself. At Astrology Chick, we are here to elevate your spirit and allow your individualist energy to shine. Explore our carefully curated collection of jewelry, apparel, home goods, and more - each piece designed to embody modern and bohemian styles reflecting astrology, esotericism, mysticism, nature, and spirituality. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and manifest your dreams - with our products, you'll awaken your spirit and let your style reflect your inner journey.

Unlock the secrets of the cosmos with us. Our unique selection ranges from mesmerizing 3D Print Moon Lamps to soothing 7 Chakras Natural Agate Slice Wind Chimes. We also offer 9 Planet Gemstone Energy Bracelets and sterling silver pieces handcrafted with polymer clay and enamel - all imbued with positive energy and intention. Through nature symbols like butterflies, cats, hummingbirds, and seahorses, explore cultural symbols like the hamsa as well as explore holistics items including essential oils, aromatherapy diffusers and meditation jewelry crafted with crystals.

We understand that everyone has a unique and special connection with the universe and understand why it should be nurtured. Partnering with a community of small business owners and creatives who share a passion for spirituality, astrology, and the esoteric, our mission is to help you awaken your inner universe and rise to meet your own power, at an affordable flat rate shipping of $4.50. Let Astrology Chick be a part of your divine journey as you explore our celestial vibes for everyday life.