Collection: Journals

Uncover the mystic journey of self-discovery with our unique collection of journals at Astrology Chick. Every page within these journals is more than just a space for your thoughts - it's a sacred realm where you can unravel your inner mysteries and tap into your cosmic power.

For the classical scribe with a modern twist, our 'Coco Feather Pen {White & Gold}' is a luxurious gold-dipped feather ballpoint pen designed to inspire and bring magic to your journaling ritual. Each pen is designed with refillable black ink, ensuring sustainability with every stroke of your thoughts​.

The 'Inner Focus Ritual Journal' in both Midnight Black and Beige Linen is designed to catalyze your spiritual growth. Harness the power of focus and mindfulness as you navigate toward the greater 'you.' Choose focus topics, map spiritual growth, script your reality, prime yourself with affirmations, and bring mindfulness to old habits. This journal is your grounding space as you move toward new realities and reach for new doors​.

Embrace the celestial skies with our '2023 Celestial Journal in Brown {Vegan Leather}.' It's your spiritual tool and companion for 2023, guiding you to live in sync with the movements and energies of the celestial skies and the mindful Universe within. Reflect, dream, and expand your soul as you journey closer to your destined self with this Astrology-based journal​.

Collect dreams like stars in our 'Sacred Dreams Dream Journal {Vegan Leather}.' This ethereal journal is designed to build a sacred bridge between your waking world and the mystic realms of the unconscious. Document dreamscapes, decipher meanings, recognize personal symbols, and decode messages. Unlock new horizons and integrate found wisdom into your earthly life with this journal by your bedside​.

Our 'Daily Ritual Journal • Eco' is a grounding space that carves simple and effective rituals into your busy life. With just 5-10 minutes a day, sink into daily gratitude, focus on your intentions, and unburden your mind with free thought and letting go. Find a clear pathway to your heart and surrender deeper into your being with this daily ritual journal​.