Colección: Tumblers

Welcome to our unique collection of tumblers at Astrology Chick, curated for those seeking the perfect blend of aesthetic pleasure and practicality. The collection features handcrafted ceramic tumblers, each designed with an inspired theme, transcending the ordinary to become a symbol of self-expression and personal style.

Our collection includes the 'Dream Tumbler,' designed to remind you of the power of dreams and faith. This tumbler is crafted with tourmaline anion technology, enhancing the flavor and freshness of your beverages while neutralizing harsh impurities.

We also offer the 'Fortune Tumbler,' a testament to the fine art of engraving, where the simple act of drinking water is elevated to an aesthetic experience.

The 'Alchemical Signs Tumbler' series, derived from Oriental and Egyptian holistic culture, features vibrant tonal contrasts and dynamic geometrical shapes, representing the elemental symbols for fire, water, earth, and air. This series is available in multiple variations, including a gold ceramic travel mug and a larger 16 oz version, offering double wall heat insulation to keep your drinks hot for up to 90 minutes.

The 'Miracle Gold Ceramic Tumbler' is another distinctive piece in our collection. Symbolizing the everyday miracles of nature, this tumbler encourages you to appreciate the beauty surrounding us.

For nature enthusiasts, we present the 'Dragonfly on Lotus Tumbler.' This tumbler embodies a rustic bamboo design, and the tourmaline ceramic walls aid in improving the ionization and alkaline levels of your beverage.

Lastly, our 'Honey Bee Travel Mug' offers a unique handcrafted honeycomb design with golden honey bees. Its double-wall ceramic design aids in preserving the heat of your favorite drink.

Each tumbler in the collection is elegantly packaged in a minted gift box, making it an excellent gift option. Please note that we recommend hand washing these tumblers for optimal cleaning results. Experience the pure taste, and elevate your hydration with our exquisite tumbler collection.