About Astrology Chick

At Astrology Chick, our mission is to inspire and empower women through our carefully curated collection of products inspired by nature, astrology and spirituality. We are committed to bringing you refined, high-quality pieces that look good and serve a deeper, more meaningful purpose. Our products, which include a stunning array of jewelry, healing crystals, wellness items, and home decor, are more than just objects - they are tools to help you connect with your inner self and the cosmos.

Our selection of products is as diverse as the universe itself, ranging from the mesmerizing 3D Print Moon Lamp to the calming 7 Chakras Natural Agate Slice Wind Chime and the intricately designed 9 Planet Gemstone Energy Bracelet. Our sterling silver jewelry, handcrafted with polymer clay and coated in enamel, is designed to last a lifetime and includes symbols from nature like butterflies, cats, hummingbirds, and seahorses and cultural symbols like the hamsa. Each piece is created with an intuitive process that aims to imbue it with positive energy and intention​.

We believe in the power of the mystical and the astrological to transform lives. We recognize that everyone has a unique and divine connection with the universe and aim to nurture this connection. 

We are more than just a store - we have partnered with a community of small business owners and creatives who share a passion for spirituality, astrology, and the esoteric to offer beautiful, unique products to you.

So come and join us on this magical journey. Explore our collection, be inspired, uplifted, and transformed. Thank you for choosing Astrology Chick to be a part of your spiritual journey. We are here to help you awaken your inner universe and rise to meet your own power.