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Intuition Enhancer Tin Candle by Energy Wicks

Intuition Enhancer Tin Candle by Energy Wicks

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๐Ÿ”ฎ Intuition Enhancer Tin Candle by Energy Wicks ๐Ÿ•ฏ๏ธ

Embrace the mystical union of the cosmos and earth with the Intuition Enhancer Tin Candle by Energy Wicks, crafted for the bohemian spirit who dances under the stars and whispers to the wind.

Each Intuition Enhancer Tin Candle is a celebration of celestial wisdom, harmonizing with the grounding energy of Mother Earthโ€”a divine tool for those who revel in the universe's enchanting patterns and seek to infuse their daily life with the magic of intuitive guidance.

  • Amethyst Infusion: This candle is imbued with the calming energy of amethyst, a stone renowned for enhancing intuition, making it ideal for those seeking spiritual insight and cosmic connectivity.
  • Botanical Blend: The calming notes of blue lotus, lavender, and chamomile, all sustainably sourced, help calm and soothe your spirit, allowing you to tap into your intuition effortlessly.
  • Mugwort Protection: Layered with the protective power of Mugwort, also known as dream weed, this candle ensures a safe passage as you open your third eye and journey into the spirit realm.

Whether you're settling into your sacred space for meditation, reading your favorite astrology book, or delving into the mysteries of tarot, the Intuition Enhancer Tin Candle by Energy Wicks is your perfect companion, illuminating your path with its gentle glow and calming scent. Its ethereal charm also makes it a thoughtful gift for the mystical goddess in your life, a token of natural harmony and cosmic connectivity. Light it, and let the cosmos guide your way.

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