Moon goddess | moonstone mala necklace by Terra Luna Sol


Moon goddess | moonstone mala necklace by Terra Luna Sol


Fulfilled by our friends at Terra Luna Sol

Moon goddess mala necklace

even in the darkest night
with divine purpose.

-Britt Mchugh

Adorn with our beautiful moon goddess mala to soften into your inner feminine energy, create a beautiful new chapter and to inspire creativity and trust in your intuition.


What are mala necklaces?

Our moon goddess mala necklace features 108 beautiful natural moonstone beads and is adorned with a moonstone bezel charm and moonstone dangle charms.


Malas are a beautiful way to deepen your spiritual practice and rituals. Hold the beads and connect to their energy during meditation, future visualizing or setting new intentions.


Wear to keep your intentions and manifestations close to your heart and to take a sacred pause in your day to re-center your energy.


Moonstone symbolism

new beginnings | divine feminine | intuition

If you feel drawn to moonstone, it is a beautiful sign that new chapters are ready to open for you. Moonstone is known as the stone of "new beginnings" and can be worked with when gracefully starting a new path or releasing old identities.


Moonstone is also the crystal of the divine feminine- she symbolizes our connection to the moon and the natural rhythms of life. Her energy can inspire softness, balance and a healing energy even when we are surrounded by chaos.


Because of her influence from the divine feminine, she also inspires trust in our intuition. There is a beauty and softness in surrendering to the unknown, releasing control and allowing our life path to unfold naturally. Trust your intuition to lead the way. 

Moonstone affirmation : I surrender to the natural rhythms of life and allow my new beginnings to unfold.



  • 108 genuine moonstone mala beads
  • Moonstone bezel charms with two moonstone charms adorned on each tie.
  • Mala length: 30 inches, length with end ties: 36 inches
  • gold beads and celestial star charm
  • Comes with a suede pouch for storing when not in use and a gift box

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