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Mushroom Novelty Glass

Mushroom Novelty Glass

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🍄Mushroom Novelty Glass🌙

Step into the enchantment of the cosmos with the Mushroom Novelty Glass, a handmade creation crafted for the bohemian soul in harmony with the stars and the earth.

Each Mushroom Novelty Glass is a manifestation of celestial wonder, blended with the grounding energy of nature—perfect for those who revel in the universe's mysteries and strive to manifest the magic of the cosmos into everyday life.

  • Spiritual Symbolism: The intricate mushroom pattern represents growth, transformation, and a deep connection with nature, resonating with your spiritual journey and individuality.
  • Heat Insulation: Specially designed for comfort and safety, this glass features heat insulation, allowing you to enjoy your mystical brews, whether hot or cold, in harmony with the natural elements.
  • Large Capacity: With a generous 450ML volume, this glass is perfect for satisfying sips during your star-gazing, meditation, or tarot sessions.

Imbued with earthy charm and cosmic energy, the Mushroom Novelty Glass is not just a cup—it's a tool for your spiritual practice, a reflection of your unique personality, and a connection to the natural and metaphysical worlds. Sip your morning tea as you set your intentions for the day, or enjoy a comforting hot cocoa during a moonlit meditation. And why not spread the love? This enchanting glass also makes a thoughtful gift for that special someone in your life who shares your passion for astrology, mysticism, and bohemian fashion.

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