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Pearl & Howlite Horn Drop Earrings by Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry

Pearl & Howlite Horn Drop Earrings by Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry

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πŸŒ™ Pearl & Howlite Horn Drop Earrings by Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry 🌼

Embrace the enchanting charm of our Pearl & Howlite Horn Drop Earrings, a mystical accessory designed for the bohemian spirit who dances to the rhythm of celestial bodies and vibrates with the energies of the earth.

Every pair of Pearl & Howlite Horn Drop Earrings is a harmonious blend of cosmic allure and earthy tranquility. Perfect for those who seek to intertwine the ethereal beauty of the cosmos with the raw aesthetics of nature, for a sense of balance and individuality in their spiritual journey.

  • Intricate Design: These earrings feature 6mm white freshwater pearls and cream howlite horns, symbolizing sincerity and tranquility, respectively. Their design is a tangible representation of the balance between the cosmos and the natural world.
  • Ethically Sourced: Our earrings are made using only recycled, conflict-free materials. This reflects our commitment to the well-being of the planet and resonates with those who wish to make conscious, sustainable choices in their fashion.
  • Heirloom Quality: As part of the Forest & Sea Collection, these earrings are crafted to last, passing down the beauty of nature and the cosmos through generations.

Infuse your daily attire with a touch of celestial charm and earthy tranquility with the Pearl & Howlite Horn Drop Earrings. They're not just accessories, but spiritual companions that resonate with your unique cosmic vibrations. Whether as a personal treat or a thoughtful gift to a loved one, these earrings are a wonderful way to express individuality and a deep connection to the universe and the natural world.

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