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Planetary Symbol Socks | Goddess Provisions

Planetary Symbol Socks | Goddess Provisions

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🌙🌍 Planetary Symbol Socks | Goddess Provisions 🌿✨

Step into the magic of the cosmos with our Planetary Symbol Socks, designed for the free spirit in tune with the stars and the earth.

Each pair of our Planetary Symbol Socks is a celebration of celestial wonder, blended with the grounding energy of nature—ideal for those who find joy in the universe's serendipities and seek to draw the wonders of attraction into everyday life.

  • Eco-friendly Material: Made from 78% organic cotton, these socks not only help reduce your carbon footprint, they also provide a soft and comfortable fit. They're a gentle reminder of the harmony that exists between us and nature.
  • Universal Design: Adorned with unique planetary symbols, these socks are a fun and fashionable way to express your love for astrology and the greater universe. They're a conversation starter and a statement piece all in one.
  • Perfect Fit: With a blend of 23% nylon and 2% spandex, these socks offer just the right amount of stretch to fit most sizes comfortably. They're durable, retain their shape, and are perfect for everyday wear.

Whether you're practicing yoga, reading tarot, or simply going about your day, our Planetary Symbol Socks are a daily reminder of your connection to the universe and the natural world. They're more than just socks—they're a lifestyle choice that aligns with your spiritual journey and cosmic curiosity.

Sizing: One size fits most.
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