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Solar Plexus Body Oil

Solar Plexus Body Oil

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🌞Solar Plexus Body Oil🌻

Immerse in the mystical aura of the cosmos with our Solar Plexus Body Oil—your personal potion for a radiant, empowered self, crafted for the bohemian spirit in harmony with celestial energies.

In every drop of this Solar Plexus Body Oil, you'll find a blend of cosmic charm and the earth's nourishing generosity, making it an absolute delight for those who find joy in the universe's magic and yearn to embrace the power of natural and metaphysical realms in their daily lives.

  • Jojoba Oil Infusion: Enjoy the celestial union of skin-loving minerals, Vitamin E, and antioxidants in our Jojoba Oil blend. Its similarity to human sebum ensures an easily-absorbed, non-greasy moisturizer, perfect for sensitive skin. Feel the natural harmony as it guards against free-radicals, promoting a youthful glow.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Balance: Infused with organic essential oils, this body oil is a gentle caress for your solar plexus chakra. It's your liquid courage, supporting a heightened sense of willpower, confidence, and ability to face challenges.
  • High Vibration Infusions: Experience the spiritual elevation with our high vibration infusions. From the sunny Citrine crystal to the musical E note of Tibetan Singing Bowls, every element is aimed at enriching your aura, manifesting your desires, and fostering growth.

Integrating our Solar Plexus Body Oil into your daily routine is a therapeutic, enriching experience. After bathing, massage this mystical blend onto your clean, wet skin. As you breathe in the fresh citrus aroma, visualize the color yellow, repeat the bija mantra 'RAM', or the affirmations. Let your skin air dry, absorbing the positive energies. This body oil is more than a skincare product; it's a ritual, a spiritual journey, a perfect gift for yourself or someone special. It's designed to align with your individualistic, bohemian lifestyle, nurturing your connection to the cosmos while grounding you to Mother Nature.

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