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Wish - Silver & Aquamarine by Bijou by SAM

Wish - Silver & Aquamarine by Bijou by SAM

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πŸŒ™βœ¨Wish - Silver & Aquamarine by Bijou by SAMβœ¨πŸŒ™

Discover the celestial secrets of the universe with Wish - Silver & Aquamarine by Bijou by SAM, a unique piece handcrafted for the mystical soul who cherishes the connection between the cosmos and the earth.

Each Wish threader earring is a symbol of divine feminine energy, embodying the powerful serenity of the moon and the spiritual tranquility of the sea. These earrings are more than just an accessory; they're a manifestation of your spiritual journey, individuality, and your bond with the natural and metaphysical worlds.

  • Sterling Silver: Crafted from .925 Sterling Silver, these earrings symbolize purity and clarity, helping you to connect with the cosmos and channel your inner light.
  • Aquamarine Gemstones: The genuine Aquamarine gemstones are known for their calming energies, promoting peace and tranquility. They echo the wisdom of the sea and the expansive sky, perfect for those who feel a deep attachment to water and air elements.
  • Handmade in Montana: Every piece is lovingly handcrafted in Montana, ensuring a unique, high-quality accessory that holds a piece of the earth's energy.

With their delicate design and spiritual symbolism, the Wish - Silver & Aquamarine earrings integrate seamlessly into your daily life, enhancing your spiritual practice and serving as a reminder of your unique journey through the cosmos. They also make a delightful gift, arriving in a ribboned gift box with a polishing cloth, perfect for anyone who appreciates bohemian fashion, mysticism, and the magic of celestial bodies. Embrace the universe's energy and make a wish with every wear.

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