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Yoga Sun Salutation Wall Hanging by Ariana Ost

Yoga Sun Salutation Wall Hanging by Ariana Ost

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Fulfilled by our friends at Ariana Ost

A beautiful cascading wall mobile to salute the sun and your yoga practice. Designed with three hanging stations adorned by decorative suns and yoga poses. The perfect piece to remind you to practice yoga and harness your positive energy in a beautiful jewel like aesthetic. Poses include: back bend stretch, forward fold uttanasana, down dog and upward facing dog. 

A design tribute to the sun salutations known as surya namaskar - surya means sun and namaskar is to bow down. The sun is the energy and life source of our planet so we should start our mornings with this practice to express gratitude. These poses gets your body moving increasing prana and oxygenating your system to increase energy and clear any blockages. I love the fluid movement we mimicked in this aesthetic to capture the essence of this practice. 

Made of Brass.


Length- 28"

Width- 7"

SKU A635

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